10 Things You Might Not Know About Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs, we've all heard of them or seen one somewhere. But a lot of us went years not really knowing what they were for or how to use them. Some of us just put the crystal in our Yoni & started walking around with it, it was exciting, but we could feel that there was something more. Well, I am here to tell you that there is definitely something more to it! Here are some things you might not know about Yoni Eggs & their power. 1. We as women will leak energy out of a weak pelvic floor. When you create a strong, open pelvic floor using a Yoni Egg practice, you have the possibility of harnessing your sensual energy, your life force! 2. The crystal egg is a powerful way to connect with your Manifestation Practice, Visions, and Intentions. 3. Your Yoni might not know how to relax fully for deeper orgasms. The egg will help you discover when you are contracting & when you are feeling a deep release. Yeah, you might think that your orgasms are amazing (and they are-all orgasms are great!) but there is so much more that is actually possible. YOUR BODY IS AMAZING & MAGICALLY ORGASMIC wild woman. 4. You might be holding tension in your Yoni that you did not even realize was there. This means that by working with an Egg, you could actually be creating more problems with your practice. This is why Yoni Massage is crucial before you use your egg. 5. Your Yoni Egg practice can prepare you for birth. Many women when they are told to push don't realize where they are pushing from and this can create SO MANY issues postnatal...among other things during birth : ) 6. Your Yoni Egg Practice can increase your potential for Cervical, Gspot, & multiple orgasms. 7. Sex for some of us hurts, especially at certain times of the month. The more you find a deeper sense of relaxing the Yoni with the work of the egg, the more you can release these areas of tension during sex. 8. You get to know your body and find a deeper sense of love for what it can FEEL! It increases your sense of pleasure, takes some of the pressure off, and allows you to go deeper within without distractions. It teaches you that orgasm is NOT CLIMAX, it is so much more! 9. It will strengthen your meditation practice & asana practice. The more you connect with your pelvic floor, the deeper connection to your core. It's a big part of piking or lifting up into inversions as well as creating a powerful force for your hips to open up rapidly. This might not be everyone's thing but if it is you definitely want to begin a Yoni Egg practice! 10. It's a great way to spend your Saturday night at home with yourself. Give you some love mama! If any of this resonated with you, join me for Unearth the Goddess Within. A 28 day exploration of the power of your Yoniverse, tapping into pleasure, and Orgasmic Manifestation. Begins September 22nd!

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