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I discovered Forrest Yoga while living out in California in 2011 and it truly changed my life! I desperately needed a way to unwind my body after sitting at a computer for the better half of 6 years completing a degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia. Sitting all day wrecked my posture which led to more life altering implications. For one, it promoted clavicular breathing which compounded and expanded so much of the stress and anxiety in my life. Through Forrest Yoga, I found that I could take charge of my nervous system and begin to wake up all of my senses that had been drowned out by stress. I slowly started to gain more and more tools from this practice which transformed into tools for life. By teaching Forrest Yoga, I hope to help my community heal, physically and emotionally. I hope to show people that they can make a different choice, take charge of their own healing, and live a truly vibrant life!

  To take this personal mission of helping others even further, I embarked on another journey to explore the power of bodywork in conjunction with yoga. I completed the Yoga Bodyworkers training in Asheville, NC here in the States and Newcastle, United Kingdom overseas; and am now offering Myofascial Bodywork, Muscle Activation, and Structural Assessment. I wanted to go even further with my Myofascial Release studies & recently completed a training with John Barnes in Sedona, Arizona that changed my body, mind, & spirit. I now offer this transformational approach & understanding of the human body, energy, & spirit.


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