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"Lauren’s Bodywork therapy is the best!  As an older weekend-warrior athlete, I experience many aches and pains both old and new. I prefer a holistic approach to pain management and have tried just about everything.  Nothing can compare to the immediate relief and sense of total wellness I experienced after just a few sessions with Lauren!  Combine it with her Forrest Yoga classes at Savannah Yoga Center…Outstanding!"

  - Jay

"Bodywork with Lauren has been a wonderful experience for me! I have severe hip dysplasia and I was in constant pain. After one session with Lauren, I was pain free! Lauren's powerful healing Spirit continues to keep me healthy and I'm able to enjoy more physical activities. I even have less need for chiropractor visits when I am working with Lauren."

  - Jessica

"Having a bodywork session with Lauren left me feeling taller, lighter, and full of space and energy—just like how I feel after her yoga classes, only there was no effort; only surrender and ease. Even though I spent the next week dealing with emotions that I had never had time to fully process, I felt weirdly empowered knowing how I chose to release them. Even if you aren’t interested in chakras, meridians, what Tesla knew about micro-cosmic loops or Jung said about kundalini, your physical body will still get one hell of a fantastic massage, stretch, and release."

   - Jenny

"Bodywork with Lauren feels like a special gift.  I always feel warm and alive with her initial touches, and immediately nurtured. Her breath reminds me to breathe intentionally and her energy leads me to feel safe. I always trust Lauren's methods, even when I sense she might be searching for what it is she most wants to help me with that day.  When things get intense in my body, I sense her knowing and I get excited at what is happening...healing, change and release.  I am so thankful for how she shares her gifts with me."

     - Heather




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