Wildly Orgasmic 

Hi beautiful soul. I'm Lauren, a mentor for women who are ready to reclaim their sensuality, embody their Divine Feminine Essence, heal from emotional trauma & tap into their Wildly Orgasmic Potential.
And I have created Unearth the Goddess Within a 2 part experience to help guide women through this journey.
The first half of Unearth the Goddess Within, Womb Wisdom, we went deep into our wombs, released trauma & explored our multi-dimensional healing wisdom. While this process helped the women prepare for the journey into Wildly Orgasmic, you can take part in this 2nd half of the Program without having gone on this journey into the wisdom of your womb.....

Wildly Orgasmic is a love child of my own journey into the Feminine. Out of this deep descent into myself birthed a new relationship to myself, to my partner, & my relationship to the Masculine (within myself & others). 


So many women are not exactly sure why they resist being in their Yoni, their root, & their Pussy (insert whatever flavor suits you ma). However, so many women are acutely aware that something just isn’t clicking for them in terms of connection to this powerful portal of transformation. 



I hear from a multitude of women (I even have men message me often FOR THEIR WIVES/PARTNERS) where they share their deeply intimate story of not being able to orgasm with their partners or only being able to orgasm with tons of clitoral stimulation. I also hear from women who have never been able to have sex due to a hyper toned pelvic floor, women who have trauma from sexual abuse or childbirth, & women who just feel a disconnect from their passions, their bodies, & their sexuality. These are the same women who have an extremely difficult time investing wholeheartedly in THEMSELVES. Do not be mistaken; this is not by coincidence. When women are not connected to their power (ehhemmmm, their Pussy), this can be one of the BIGGEST ways it shows up outside of in the bedroom. 


We as women have been conditioned to give & give, yet we have not been taught to RECEIVE, which is what we are designed to do here in this Earthly realm. I won’t lie, this journey to receive & surrender is often paved with attachments to control, perfectionism, codependency, anger, hurt, among many other patterns & emotional ties to our past. It is not for the faint of heart, but is it worth it?  You can probably guess my answer, HELL YES. Why? Because when you take the seat at the throne of your Pussy, you step into your full power as a women, you feel the beauty in our constant death & rebirth process, you drink in the sweet nectar of life that is all around you, you allow yourself to be seen fully, to be ravished by your senses & your lover (which can most definitely be & includes yourself) , to feel the deep longings of your soul desires that have been desperately trying to get your attention for an entire lifetime(s). 


Let me tell you from first-hand experience; you don’t have a confidence problem, a money problem, a relationship problem, a sex problem, an intimacy problem, a body image problem, a health problem, YOU HAVE A PUSSY PROBLEM MAMA. And the only “problem” there is is that you are not giving her what she deeply craves, YOUR OWN EMBODIMENT AS A WOMAN. 


When we as women begin to step into our power, our birthright as women, everything else we have been struggling with seems to weave into place. There is a sense of not only power but of EASE. We feel free to speak our truth, follow our desires, & WE STOP TRYING TO FIX OURSELVES. Your Pussy is not a project, but she is a portal & all you have to do is let her OPEN to all that is you wild woman. 


Through this 3-month sacred pussy journey, we will explore what it means for you to be fully embodied as a woman. You will tap into deeper & a multitude of orgasms, you will release trauma, you will learn how to harness your sexual energy, & you will be opened up to the woman who is fully embodied in her presence. To be honest, this is not really a program for “just having better sex” (there are those & I am sure they are great but just not my style). No, this is a program for a journey into the deepest self-love & honoring you have ever known. The soul shattering orgasms (with self or partner) is just icing on the delicious, mouth-watering, juicy cake (mmmmm....). This is ENTIRELY ABOUT ADORING & EMPOWERING YOURSELF.  If you are in a relationship, this will have MASSIVE IMPACTS for not only your level of intimacy with your partner BUT WILL RADICALLY BEGIN TO TRANSFORM WHO THEY ARE AS BEING ON THIS EARTH. 


You are full of magic mama & this is going to create wild quakes in not only your Pussy but felt throughout your entire life. 


You will learn how to use this magic to enliven your VISION & manifest a life that TURNS YOU ON.  


If you are feeling the call to embark on the journey to becoming WILDLY ORGASMIC, the invitation has been sent. Are you ready to receive & surrender to call of your Pussy?


This is your first initiation love.


I will be extending ten offers to join this round (& 2 have been claimed). Feel into this decision deeply & reach out if you have any questions that might help you decide if this journey is right for you.

In the meantime, here's more about me & my soul mission in 3D & beyond.....


    My mission is to help women create more self love & self acceptance for themselves through pleasure. I want to help them shine so much light on the darkness that they are never afraid to meet themselves there again. I desire for women to see the beauty in dying to themselves over & over again only to reemerge more whole, more enlivened, & more free than ever before. 


I want to help women unearth the places within them that have long been forgotten. I desire to hold space for them to reawaken all of their senses and allow those tender pieces of themselves to be touched with love & a deep honoring of this body’s innate wisdom & magic.


I long for women to feel their earthly wildness, their cosmic cosmic connection, and the depth of their waters becoming a FULL EMBODIMENT of everything that they are. Why?


       Because I have walked a mile in your shoes sweet, beautiful woman. 

     I too was trying to cope with feeling anxious, disconnected, dull & in pain; stuck with a lot of cultural beliefs & stories that weren't serving me & my most expressive self. I was caught up in the hustle life & my feminine energy was being suffocated & starved of any real care.

     After unwinding these old beliefs, traumas, & blocks within myself I found that our full sexual power drives our passion for life, for beauty, for ease, & most importantly for feeling whole as we walk through this Earth. It is what connects us to the DIVINE within ourselves!

  Through my work as an experienced Forrest Yoga Teacher, John Barnes Myofascial Release Bodyworker, & an Intuitive Mindset Coach I have gotten HUGE RESULTS for my clients that have created ripple effects into every area of their lives.

   In working with my clients, I have found, the more you open up emotionally, the more you open up physically. The more you open up physically, the more you open up to the MAGIC of your YONIVERSE.

  Over the years, as I have done this deeper work with myself, I have created a strong & open pelvic floor & I use this for DEEP CONNECTION & HEALING. I have healed so much of relationship to the Masculine to allow my Feminine to RECEIVE & step into her power. I have explored what it means to reclaim my sensuality, I have unearthed the Goddess within. 

  She is the one who can connect with the power of the universe, She is the one that opens my heart, ignites my passion, stirs my soul, & allows me to tap into a fully orgasmic life. She is the fully EMBODIED self who moves through me with each step & choice that I make. She is the one that allows me access to my powerful sexual energy & ORGASM WITH ZERO STIMULATION. This powerful force is within YOU.   

I am here simply to remind you to reclaim what is yours; to help you realize that you are your own healer, savior, & guru! This is not something reserved for the special or enlightened. We are all Divine creatures with unbounded power, gifts, & magic. 

   When you invest in your self-care, you can fully show up in your life in the way you know you need to to be your most high vibrational being. You get to know your needs as a woman & how to communicate those needs to the ones that mean the most to you. This act of self-care & self-inquiry is just the beginning of living a truly EMBODIED & pleasure filled life. Self-love is REVOLUTIONARY & has the power to change not only every area of your life, your relationships, but it also has the power to change the entire global sisterhood.



Sisters, I cannot wait to make radical shifts with you & transform the world.


"Lauren’s Unearth the Goddess Within program is life altering. Through this work I was able connect with myself and vision for life like never before. Not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. These practices are accessible to everyone and can be used for a lifetime. I am so grateful for the community and support throughout and most of all for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing magical group!"

"For me my biggest moment was when I had a cervical orgasm after a breast massage. And then my favorite piece of information that I got was how once you are able to harness your sexual energy & keep it from leaking out that it is intelligent & that it goes to the places in your body that need to be healed!"

"With the help of Lauren and everyone in our group I was able to find a better me! Walls broke down as each week passed. She gave so much of herself in this program. So many meditations and fun home play lessons. The exercises help me work parts of my body I did not know I had....I know have the power to take my relationship with my self and my spouse to a higher level. I have never opened up like this before. She (and everyone else) were just so easy to talk and open up to. This is the best thing I could have done for ME!!!!"

"I learned, the power we hold within our divine femininity is amazing and how to use that power for pleasure and manifestation in all areas of our lives. I love how it made me feel empowered in my own sexuality."


"Learning to love my womb after so much trauma with the womb meditation was my first BIG AH-HA moment. After the program my body now tells me what I need. When I’m stressed or tight I get a feeling of needing to do Brest/chest myofascial release. Sometimes my Yoni lets me know I need to release tension through Yoni massage. Learning to hear what my body/yoni need is by far the biggest thing for me. I will be eternally grateful to Lauren for giving me the skills to see all that I have seen in myself."

Are you ready to be Embodied, Cosmically Connected, & Full of Wildly Orgasmic Potential? 

Our 3 month journey together begins October 3rd, & will guide you right into the portal of the New Year & a New Embodiment of YOU.