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Unearth the Goddess Within

1. Honor Your Feminine Energy & Become Aware of when it is out of Balance.

First & foremost question here when I am considering this balance of energies is, am I experiencing pleasure often? Masculine energy takes over in moments of overwhelm or stress to get us through but are you shifting out of that energy & getting back to making space for your heart & sensuality? 2. Emotional Expression.

Are you making space for your emotions to release? So many of us have been told that we are too much, too sensitive, too everything. What do you need to feel safe in expressing your emotions? Getting grounded or deep breathing could be a good place to start so that those emotions can have the space to express themselves in a beauty way. Remember our emotions are our guidance system! Let them guide you into creating the life that you want to live, the relationships you want to be apart of, & all the things that you want to create! 3. Make space for receiving.

To all my givers & mama bears! Are you allowing yourself to receive or are you too busy people pleasing, or protecting, or sacrificial whoring as one of my teachers calls it. This is for you ma! This was also me for SO MANY years. The art of receiving is hard for us. Start small with this one & maybe you just start accepting compliments or help from someone who offers. Yes, even if you don't need it just let them in & open your heart. So often we are giving, giving, giving, & don't take the time to even uptake those around us enjoying those gifts. How do you expect to receive the abundance this Universe has to offer you if you can't uptake whats happening around you? 4. Community.

This is so, so important! Having a strong community of women is where so much of our healing lies. This community doesn't have to be big but can be a community of 3 of your closest soul sisters. This could be a group online even (like the Earth Goddess Circle). There are so many safe, supportive groups of women banding together all over the world. Empowered women, empower women! Can't find one? Create one! Get out of your comfort zone; if you are feeling lonely or unsupported then you can count on that bright Spirit beside you at yoga class every Wednesday might be feeling the same! 5. Do things that light your Spirit up!

What really gives you pleasure & encourages your sense of play?! Take time to dance alone in your room, play dress up in your favorite threads, if glitter is your thing (who's with me) throw that shit everywhere, take a sensual bath with candles, massage yourself with essential oils, go on a day adventure somewhere that sparks your soul. Make sure to sprinkle these self-care & self-play acts all over your day! 6. Meditate.

I know, I know, it's on every list. Because it's SO GOOD! Start small with maybe 5 minutes & work your way up to 20. Meditation is so important for getting in touch with your sensual energy, your life force, & your intuition. I often do & hold meditations with the intention of harnessing my sensual energy. Its free, you can do it anywhere, anytime, & it gives you superpowers. It really should be on every list. 7. Journal More.

This is where you get to know yourself more. This is where you can write all the emotions you feel confused about or empowered by; this is where you express all the ideas that explode from you cultivating your creative energy. How many ideas have you let float on because you didn't get them written down on real paper so that they could manifest in your life? Your creative energy is there; you just have to start listening! 8. Get To Know Your Cycle!

Track your cycle so that you can take notice of how you feel. Maybe you can even work your schedule or at the very least your social engagements around your beautiful cyclical nature. Know your moon time is coming on the 24th of this month, maybe plan that week with some extra alone time, get your workout in the day before, schedule more yoga, pick your presentation date the week before. Like our emotions, our moon time can be a beautiful guide! 9. Moon Magic.

The eternal symbol of the Goddess within us all. Feel your connection to the moon, month, cycle & how it all ebbs & flows together. We, women, are like the moon in that we are cyclical beings. Tap into the moon's magic whenever you can. When its full, put your feet in the Earth & soak in its light, its abundance, its magic. Maybe you even get some of your fellow Earth Goddess Sisters & hold a full moon ceremony once a month. You could also do this yourself, simply lighting a candle, journaling, & setting intentions for rebirth. 10. Get in Nature.

Right now, think of the last few times you have immersed yourself in nature. How long has been since you really felt that connection? I like to schedule time to really immerse myself in all of its beauty. However, life happens & sometimes its only a few sunsets on the beach that I can work into my schedule. Yes, my schedule. It's so important to schedule these things! We are busy people, with lots of things to do, & our options are endless these days. If you don't schedule time to connect with your Divine Feminine energy, she will stay small, hidden, & you will not know Her Massive POWER for manifesting the life that you truly want to live! Ok, I feel like I went on a small rant there, but that needed to be said. Get in nature, get connected, get naked, & let it all hang out!

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