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The Extracellular Fluid Matrix

Right now, I am excited to explore the links between Myofascial Release, structured water, & collagen.

The practice of Myofascial release essentially reorganizes your extracellular matrix (which, in simple terms, is known as the fascial system) into more organized structured water or liquid crystal through the process of piezoelectricity. This process of reorganization affects the entire bioelectric field, creating more coherence and resonance within your system.

When using collagen & the art of Myofascial Release or similar practices together, I believe that the collagenous layer will be more malleable, making the entire 3-dimensional fascial web more easily taken into the piezoelectric effect. Do we need this to create that magical process within the body? No, but I believe it will make the process even more accessible to create a significant change within the liquid crystalline structure of our entire fascial system.

This connection may have a profound link for weaving a web of wellness throughout all areas of our lives!

I'll continue to explore this theme more deeply in the future but for now, if you are interested in exploring a monthly collagen subscription as a method of weaving your web of wellness, follow my affiliate link to begin the exploration. Or, begin to read more about studies done with bioavailable collagen here.

If you want to learn more about Myofascial Release, here are some great resources & articles to explore on fascia as a lever, the structure and distribution of interstitium human tissues, and therapeutic pain.

You can also learn more about weaving the principles of Myofascial Release into your life & sacred sexuality practice by taking one of my programs of group offerings when available. More information about these can be found on

With love & gratitude,

Lauren McDonald


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